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when you click through from Qantas Shopping each time you shop

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About kikki.K

kikki.K is a global Swedish design and stationery business that inspires and empowers people the world over to live their best life every day.

We embrace form and function to create seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions.



You’ve grown up on a small farm in beautiful Sweden, dreaming of one day travelling the world and doing something truly meaningful. Something you love.

You love your family and friends but choose to follow your heart and move away - but what to do with your life? New country. New language. New friends.

You’re a little lost, and very restless - but with a little guidance one night from your partner, you write down what’s important to you, trusting it will guide you towards an answer. You later call this your ‘3am list’:

You want to follow a passion - and do something you truly love driving to work for every day (you love Swedish design, you love stationery, you love learning and sharing). You want to stay connected with your friends & family in Sweden. You want the independence of a venture of your own. You want to do something meaningful. You want to earn just enough to pay the bills! …that’s what your childhood dream has evolved into.

So what’s a girl to do?

You think, if you’re going to have a business of your own, you need a beautiful home office. You look in stores for products to set up a productive, organised and inspiring workspace at home. You want a place for everything and everything in its place, but it has to look beautiful too – but guess what? You can’t find anything that suits, anywhere. For a moment, you get a little depressed, until you realise…

You’ve just stumbled across a wonderful idea. That’s what you’ve been searching for!

Suddenly, you know what you’re going to do with your life. You’re jumping up and down with excitement. You’re going to open beautiful Swedish design stationery boutiques in your favourite cities around the world!

In a flash, you’ve discovered your true passion. You literally turn to ‘S’ for stationery in your phone books and get started. You borrow just enough money to create the first product range, working second and third jobs to pay the bills and even convince your partner to sell his house to open your first store.

You see the joy on the faces of your very first customers when they discover your store – kikki.K – and realise your dream is coming to life.

Soon after, you dream up a big vision to give you and everyone who joins your journey something to aim for that will always inspire you to do something remarkable:

“Something kikki.K in every stylish life...the world over”

Your vision truly encapsulates what you love to do and want to do, for life. You simply love creating and sharing beautiful things; things that are thoughtfully designed, functional, meaningful; things that draw on your Swedish heritage and love of learning and positive living; things that bring a genuine spark of joy to everyday life; things that inspire and empower people the world over to live their best life, every day.


I am incredibly excited to share the joy of kikki.K with you and thousands of people the world over who tell us every day how much they love what kikki.K brings to them. It’s what gets me out of bed and excited to create, every single day.

I’m living my dream.

Now you’ve imagined how any dream can become a reality, let us inspire you to chase dreams of your own.

Kristina ‘Kikki’ Karlsson, kikki.K founder & stationery lover

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