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Headphones, speakers and audio

Features to consider when buying headphones

Once considered an accessory, I think we can safely say that headphones are now a necessary and fundamental piece of equipment in everyone’s device arsenal. Here are some things you should consider before buying headphones online.

  • In-ear vs On-ear vs Over-ear: In-ear headphones, or ear buds, are small and extremely portable. This type of headphone is generally preferred for exercise, as they stay in place during even the most energetic work out. Naturally noise rejecting, latest versions of in-ear headphones can now include noise cancellation. On-ear headphones are a smaller style that are more lightweight and let in more of the ambient sound. While over-ear headphones offer perhaps the best “listening” experience. Many have noise cancellation, Bluetooth and some can access your smart phone’s virtual assistant.
  • Noise cancellation: Noise cancelling works by blocking out ambient noise to make sound more clear. Noise-cancelling headphones are amazing for reducing unwanted noise or distraction without you having to increase the volume. This is wonderful technology as we now know that listening to higher volumes for long periods is really bad for your hearing. Noise cancelling headphones are considered by many to be essential if you fly or commute regularly and are becoming a popular option in open-plan offices too.
  • Wireless: Do you think you’d like wireless or Bluetooth headphones? People really love the freedom they provide, as they allow the device to feel more natural (and tangle free!) as you move around. Many wireless headphones and earbuds have the capacity to connect to multiple devices, which means you can move between environments without worrying about connectivity.

Features to consider when buying wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are really user friendly – people tend to love them because they are versatile, portable and durable. If you are in the market to buy some speakers online, here are some things you should consider:

  • Where do you want to install your wireless speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are easy to install as they can be used by themselves or added to an existing set up where the speakers connect with each other. Having wireless speakers allows you the freedom to install them wherever you like – this includes shelf speakers and even ceiling speakers. Bluetooth is the most common connection used in wireless speakers, and as most devices come with Bluetooth compatibility is less of an issue!

  • Are you after portable wireless speakers?

If you want to share your music, the latest podcast, or audible book wherever you are, then portable speakers are your best choice. Battery life has come a long way, with some speakers keeping up to 20 hours of sound per charge. And, if you need something that will withstand something more rugged than your backyard, maybe think about specific outdoor wireless speakers. These devices are designed to be exposed to dust, dirt and the wet without damaging the speaker or the sound quality.

  • Do you want Bluetooth or WiFi?

The majority of wireless speakers use either Bluetooth or WiFi and each comes with its own advantages. Be aware that WiFi speakers generally produce higher sound quality (compared with Bluetooth), and if you choose WiFi you are opting for sound over portability. If you are happy to stay within range of that WiFi signal, then go WiFi – but if you want the option to take that adventure somewhere a little more remote, then go Bluetooth.

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