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Have you ever set out to buy tech only to be overwhelmed by choice? Take fitness watches, for instance. There are hundreds of health trackers on offer, all with different features and price points. What is the difference between smart watches for men and smart watches for women? Do you need it to be waterproof, have a sim or a camera? It can be confusing - so how are you meant to zero in on the piece that best suits you? Read on for some top tips on shopping electronics and tech - from gps trackers and smartphones to car audio and cameras.

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To get the lowdown, read up first.

Buying guides are available on many online electronics stores' websites and simply explain complicated tech. Reading even one or two buying guides turns you into a savvier shopper. Key differences between wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones and noise cancelling headphones? You got it. Go windows tablet, android tablet, or stick to a desktop computer? Sorted. Pros and cons of home theatre systems with wireless surround sound. You're a boss. Searching 'video player buying guide', 'quadcopter buying guide' (or whatever it is you're after) should now always be your No. 1 place to start.

The 3 Rs of shopping electronics

Imagine you're shopping for a new drone. You see GoPro drones and Parrot drones everywhere, but you're considering a no-name that looks exactly the same. Stop! As with any technical shopping, apply the three R's: Research, Reviews and Recommendations. First research the different features of your shortlisted products. Does each offer the particular benefits you require or is a key feature missing? Check out the reviews such as those offered by independent consumer groups, or expert journalists in newspapers or tech magazines. Finally, find someone who already experienced the product to see how this influences their recommendations, in this instance, in drone photography. Whatever brand you pick, you'll be making your choice with eyes wide open.

Fun for all the family

When you set out to buy a new flatscreen TV for family entertainment, the choices might be as straightforward as 50 inch TV, 60 inch TV or 32 inch smart TV. When it comes to video game consoles for the family, it's a whole new (ball) game. Consider the ages of your resident gamers. Nintendo consoles are a great option for younger gamers with interactive games the whole family can play together. Tweens and teens, on the other hand, may demand a Playstation 4 console for cross-playing with friends and the wider community. If Xbox runs in the family, look out for Xbox One deals, offering combos like an Xbox One controller and Xbox One headset. Your old, classic Xbox games may still be compatible with the updated kit.

Sounds like a plan

All the bells and whistles have convinced you to splash out on a new touch screen laptop/Blu-ray player/Navman/Xbox One console/wireless speakers - you just don't have a clue what those bells and whistles do. Invest half an hour or so exploring the full capabilities of your new kit the week (or day) you get it or you'll never, ever, ever use those extra features that convinced you to buy it in the first place. Even mobile phone plans usually have amazing features you never use. While you're at it, order the extra kit you need from day one too. HDMI cables to run it through your TV? Drone parts and drone accessories for your remote control drone? TV sound bar or surround sound system? You'll be amazed by all your new tech toy can do.

Gifting tech for birthdays, Christmas and more

Finding presents for tech heads can be a tough gig. The muttered word 'Garmin', for instance could mean Garmin navigation or Garmin workout watches. When they expand with 'Garmin GPS', do they mean handheld gps, in-car and do they just want a dash cam? For these friends, gift vouchers are a great option. You see 'unimaginative gift', they see 'shopping spree at my favourite store' and knock themselves out choosing Apple EarPods or a new Microsoft Surface laptop or headphones.

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